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Achieving Mindfulness

Key strategies associated with achieving Mindfulness:

Awareness. You are fully aware of being in your body, in the moment, here and now.

Observation. You observe the coming and going of thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions, moods and external events without holding on to them.

Presence. You remain fully present in consciousness. (The opposite of absence)

Attention. You exercise neutral attentiveness to internal and external events.

Wakefulness. Sometimes ordinary consciousness is little different from waking sleep in which the individual functions on automatic pilot, barely conscious of what is in fact happening. Mindfulness reverses this.

Non-attachment. You are no longer attached to thoughts or judgements, allowing them to come and go without engaging with them and thereby losing awareness. It is important to realise that ‘non-attachment’ is not the same as ‘detachment’. While the former simply observes, the latter is a disconnected state.

Non-judgement. Mindfulness encourages you to go with the flow. Judgements about whether one is ‘doing it the right way’ are discarded, as are other critical thoughts.

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