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humanity is on the verge of transformation

This year is crucial in determining the direction of each of us.

There is a version that just now the Earth is moving to the fourth energy level and revealing itself to us. The universe gives us clues at every step, gives teachers and guides who are looking for a true conscious life. Most can release the negative emotions and fears that were hidden in the deepest corners of the subconscious mind to start living a new life and learning to live in it.

Otherwise, it is usually not possible to move to the fourth level. This requires living a conscious life for some time and striving for higher results and spirituality. While there is still time, it is possible to move in that direction.

From generation to generation, various situations and traumas occur that injure our souls. This pain in the form of attitudes is passed on to future generations. Today, a lot of pain is buried in the subconscious mind of each of us, which in turn attracts endless problems, poverty and other unpleasant situations. If you do not try to figure it all out, release all the aches and pains that have accumulated in your heart, you could stay in the third level of consciousness. The new energy level helps you become more aware to release your emotions, forgive everyone involved in the negative process. The vibrations of low-frequency negative emotions prevent a person from moving to a higher energy level on Earth, which has already begun to take shape. These low vibrations have a negative effect on one’s physical health and must be disclosed. With the energetic change in the level of the earth, all the unrealized emotional baggage will act as a delayed action to create further painful negative situations.

So now is the best time to engage with yourself and your inner world. Neutrality is an important rule of awareness. Discover all possible ways to stay out of today’s negative situations. We are still surrounded by many unconscious people living in their fears and negative thoughts. Let us also not forget about media manipulation, negative news, politics and so on. All of this brings negative information into our lives that makes us think in the wrong direction. Still, it’s an old-world worth forgetting. Stay on the path of your conscious life. Focus on pursuing the highest spiritual goals. Be an example of a person with a high level of awareness. Maintain neutrality even when the world around you is raging and buzzing. Don’t judge and value others, stay calm, give love and humbly share your opinion. At this point, it will be a huge step forward if you share your awareness with those around you and the knowledge that will potentially help them move to a higher energy level. Joy will overwhelm you as you reach a new level of understanding to help you understand what is going on right now.

A new world is being created before us. The old world goes to the past, the future brings completely different possibilities, emotions and energy. We now need to keep an eye on world events and help others become aware of what is happening. Create a reality now that will give you pleasure in the future. With our thoughts, we shape our future. If you are not afraid of a pathetic new world - so be it. So, control your thoughts and think only of good things. What thoughts, so is the reality around us. You are the creators of your present and future tenses. Everything in your hands. The soul of each of us is a part of the Creator and she always has a choice. Goodness is at the heart of the fourth dimension of the future. Kindness is useful actions and words that can support and uplift the other person. It is realized and expressed in the highest vibrations of feelings, such as acceptance, permission, forgiveness and mercy. Kindness will be a key requirement of the new paradigm and new people. On your way, embrace all those around you and you will see miraculous events begin around you. Now a new Earth is being born, the old world is collapsing and transforming into a whole new one.

Low vibrations lead us to the level of negative emotions - fear, grief, lies, resentment, while shortening our lives. That is, a person living at that low frequency level is prone to these emotions. Globally, this has plunged humanity into a deep sleep, that is, human consciousness was in its deepest trance. In this case, our state of unconsciousness has been exploited by social parasites to seize power to control the minds of all mankind, directing them on the path of degradation and annihilation. In this way, as humanity, for a very long time, the Eastern Vedic tradition called Kaliyuga (Kaliyuga (skr. कलियुग = Kaliyuga) - the last era of the world (yuga)) lived in the vibrations of total lie and deception, and it is not the fault of the creator, but this which was necessary for us to gain that experience, to develop immunity to false dogmas and concepts, and to learn to separate the mice from the grain.

What are the conclusions? Thus, such that our pastors are aware of the true cycles, their characteristics and their influence on all mankind. This "elite" is aware of what changes in vibrations will affect all aspects of human life. But most importantly, all thought processes, and humanity will no longer be an obedient herd stunned by the mass information pythons. In this way, for parasites to be able to maintain their reins, it is vital for them to degrade the vibrations of humanity in an extreme regime, for which their power has an incredibly powerful effect, that is, the control of human emotions through technology. Be that as it may, today people begin to wake up, stop poisoning, realizing that beneath a beautiful can of beer lies a genetic weapon that crosses future generations, stops eating the carcasses of killed animals, realizing all the pros and benefits of plant food, thus moving to much higher vibrations. People also refuse to take psychoactive substances, to pump in drugs and chemicals, which in turn releases the energy of the soul for personal development and self-identification in this world where we are born free according to the Creator’s plan.

But, of course, against the backdrop of all these qualitative changes, humanity ceases to watch television and acquires a completely different level of consciousness, identifying with its higher self. In this situation, it becomes abundantly clear that this level of transformation of all humanity, or more precisely its control, is in no way subordinate to those social parasites that are today the last to seek to point us to a technocratic path of development.

Now we understand why it pays for them to play with us in their territory and according to their rules. A territory of total deception, overflowing with false dogmas and concepts of world order. Fortunately for us, however, due to the planetary transformation described above, their advantage crumbles like a sandcastle and leaves them no chance to maintain their former dominion. That is why they try so hysterically and greedily to hop on the last wagon of a train of their dominance and greatness. They are trying to impose on us the voluntary chipping of humanity that will be able to control our emotions at the technological level. And this plan is their last chance because there is no place for them in the world of the future. Their vibrations do not match high-frequency vibrations, which means that the last thing they can do is lower or keep us at a level where they can exist, intervene, and exercise total control over people’s minds and emotions.

Stop watching TV and other media. This will clear your contaminated consciousness. Start thinking positively and it will brighten your mind.

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