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'I' Worth

Our self-esteem is divided into two completely different parts:



Essential is the self-identification of our inner child, formed in early childhood, consisting of I = Mom + Dad in our psyche.

Because the child unconditionally absorbs their environment from early childhood and identifies with these people. They do not separate themselves as a personality.

Well, you, these two people, first mom and then dad joins after. All three of you are your SELF, your self-awareness.

Therefore, your relationship to them forms the mental foundation of your relationship to your inner child: behavioural patterns, reactions, triggers, algorithms and everything else.

Dynamic self-esteem is everything you strive to achieve.

To become beautiful, to become smart, to earn a lot of money and something else.



Because it cannot possibly lead you to self-acceptance.

At your essential base level up to that value, it is always unstable and dynamic. Any achievement is subject to understatement.

And that base, the foundation, provides an essential and stable sense of acceptance of this world.

Mom is a projection of life and health, and dad is a projection of success and achievements, self-expression in this world.

And through the dynamic sphere, it is impossible to achieve a result at the essential level...


I know quite a few very successful and wealthy people who have never been able to get there, regardless of the results of success and fame in their life and in general everything imaginable.

That's how the true 'I' stays locked inside.

Like the woman who changes everything she could at the plastic surgeon and torturing herself with endless diets, or the man possessed by body building. It never leads to results because the inner child deeply resents what they are doing in the dynamic realm.

Their problems relate only to their childhood. Until you solve it there, everything you pursue in the dynamic realm will not bring you pleasure and happiness.

You don't accept it.

You underestimate it.

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