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Rules which make you happy

You Can Learn To Be Independent, Self-sufficient And Love Yourself Unconditionally

People who have problems with low self-esteem, addiction or self-sufficiency need to change their psyche through different behaviour and different communication. People have the opportunity to completely change their lives and start over. This sounds difficult, but absolutely achievable . It is necessary to create new neural connections and their order, so as to break their usual behaviour. With the help of rules and a clear plan of action, it is much easier to change.

With their help, you can even change the libido, which does not change at all, like the colour of one’s eyes. For example, you had a "heavy" mother and father, and you like morons, marginals, alcoholics and those who are not going to get married. The problem is that with your mind you understand that they do not suit you, but you still like them. If you build relationships with others, then you will not have any libido for them. If you follow these rules, you will start to like completely different people who can make you happy.

These rules can be applied in everyday situations (for example, choosing what to eat for breakfast or which road to go to work), and making the most important decisions in life (whether to get married, change jobs, etc.). Try following these rules for at least one month, and changes in your psyche and in your life will surely occur. Keep in mind that these changes can be of two types: and often not very pleasant, if, for example, you lose your job, deciding that you no longer want to work for pennies around the clock, and unambiguously positive - new friends, a new love or a high paying job.

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