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Why so hard to love yourself?

Every baby is born with infinite self-love.

But society destroys this love. Baby love is gradually pushed aside. Society tries to instill in him that his love must always be directed towards an external object and this makes the child unhappy.

Yes, love for another is welcome, but not at the expense of self-love.

Then you become second-rate in your own eyes, you become poor.

Here's what's important to understand.

Everyone around is trying to win the love of the other. No one cares that a person who does not love himself is incapable of loving anyone else at all.

We live in an incredibly crazy world where everyone wants to love someone, but can't give love back.

Therefore, couples constantly fight, get angry, get annoyed, and hurt each other. The reason lies in the fact that they cannot get what they expected. And this is called unfulfilled expectations - hurt.

As a result, both are poor, both are empty. Apart from evil, nothing remains. And in the beginning it was like love...

A properly raised child grows up in an atmosphere of self-love. He is so filled with love that he feels the need to share it with the world around him.

This kind of love will never lead to addiction.

You -giving. And the one who shares something with others cannot be poor.

When two emperors meet, two rulers of their hearts, boundless joy is born. Nobody depends on anybody. Everyone is independent and individual. Everyone loves and respects himself. And through this, they respect the person who is next to them.

The roots go deep into the very essence of a person - his Soul. Where the nectar called Love rises to the surface and blooms with a thousand gels.

It's just your choice. Either messiahs and saviors become the object of your love (in which case the role of the shadow is prepared for you), following him blindly, or you find inner harmony, fill yourself with love and blossom with a thousand flowers.

Who then will worry about your salvation?

You don't need to be saved - you are already saved.

Everything is built on fear. A person must be driven into a state of soul stagnation, a state of fear of the future, a state of memories of the past, and exploited as a slave. And to say: "Tomorrow will be bad, but I know how to save you.

When a person becomes himself, when he starts to love himself - he doesn't need any pseudo-celebrations anymore.

You can turn to yourself at any moment and in any place.

God created us complete.

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