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How to stay positive always

In the first place, the very concept that one should always be positive is dangerous. Now there is a big tendency in society to be positive in any situation.

Negative emotions are also part of life. Of course, if we live more positive emotions, we are physically and mentally healthier. But if ONLY positive emotions are our main goal, it can be very dangerous. The positive that comes from the mind is temporary. And in this world there should be harmony: for 3-4 positive emotions, one negative. If we live at the level of the mind and try to live always in the positive, this is dangerous, because positive emotions are a pendulum. At some point, it will swing. And the more the pendulum has been deflected towards the positive, the more it will swing towards negative emotions. This is clearly seen in the example of Hollywood stars who are positive, rich, beautiful, but as time passes they have a tendency to become depressed. According to statistics, if they are not fond of spiritual practices, most of them are on drugs by the age of 40.

We should receive positive emotions from our soul, from our Divine essence. If we are in a state of here and now, in a state of unconditional love and selfless giving to the world, we live in reality, then the highest emotions of happiness, bliss becomes a part of our nature, and then we pay much less attention to various crises.

How to handle crises correctly is a separate topic. Just outwardly falling into the position of "everything will be okay" does not work and can even, on the contrary, destroy. In short, only true spirituality can help to overcome any, even the most difficult crisis. When we see God in everything, when we understand that we came to this world to learn unconditional love and everything is done here so that we grow spiritually.

The basis for internal, positive, correct passage of all negative situations is the vision of God in everything, in a state of gratitude for everything, when we are working to not have attachments and dependencies in this material world. Buddha said that our attachments are the cause of our suffering. And the less addictions and attachments to people, circumstances, place of residence, etc., the more happiness we have.

You can eat a delicious cake and cry that it will end soon, and not experience the pleasure of its taste. And in this world, if we live without attachment, in a state of unconditional love, bestowal, awareness, in a state of here and now, serving the world unselfishly, only then can we enjoy everything. Indeed, in this case, we have no dependencies and attachments, and our great inner bliss is practically independent of what is happening in this unpredictable world. If a person is selfish, ignorant, envious, even small losses or resentments can drive him into stress.

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda says: one of the main causes of disease is that we want everything to always be our way. But this is impossible, and this must be internally accepted and concentrated on the inner: awareness, selflessness and unconditional love for all living beings as parts of God.

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