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Find Love Within You

Little bit more about self-esteem and self-love ❤️

How to switch from neurotic relationships to normal ones and finally live happily with your loved ones?

To do this, you need to switch from a neurotic brain to a normal one. Relationships are a secondary story of why we have unhealthy relationships with other people because we have unhealthy relationships with ourselves. For example, we are dissatisfied with ourselves - we will be dissatisfied with partners. We do not love ourselves - we will not love our partners.

We accept ourselves as such, we improve ourselves, we will always be critical of partners and demand from them to become other people.

When does peace and harmony come? Only when it comes into your head.

How? When you fully accept yourself, you like yourself, you love yourself. Go to the mirror, and look at yourself until you accept yourself, until you say to yourself that “This is my behind, my chest, neck, stomach, legs and eyes - I like everything. I love everything. I like my age; I like my weight and how it all looks. “You ask, "Why should I accept this?" And "because this is mine, because no one has it and for this I especially love."

If you are unhappy all of the time, you will have criticism of your partner. So, when you are happy with yourself, you will be happy with your partner and you will have harmony. If you don’t like something, then you will broadcast the same to your environment.

At least do it for the sake of your children. When you like yourself, live in love and harmony with yourself and children take it from you, and they will have high self-esteem and they will love themselves. And when children love themselves, others will also love them. When you love yourself, others will love you too.


99% of people often confuse high self-esteem and self-love with two things: selfishness and narcissism. A person who loves himself loves everyone else. An egoist does not love anyone and himself too. These are people, on the other hand, obsessed with their problems, very weak in spirit, with very low self-esteem and they have no time for others. Their attitude towards others is the same transfer of their own love for themselves to others. They do not love themselves and do not love others. They do nothing for themselves and do nothing for others.

The narcissist is even worse, because the narcissist not only lacks love, but there is a huge black spot and they live with the love of other people. The most common where narcissism occurs is, for example, in artists. If an artist is loves, then he is certainly great, he is a genius, he has self-esteem to heaven, but it is not self-esteem, an assessment of himself, but it is based on the attitude of the audience. And if the viewer does not understand him, it also happens to the audience. What is happening with the artist after he gets two or three roles and then everybody just forgets about him. What happens to the artist, he dies? From the beginning mentally, and then physically. He dies morally - he goes into a binge, he becomes a drug addict often, he falls into depression, he is not needed by anyone, etc. From such a life, he certainly dies. By the way, popular artists live up to 100 years. This demand makes him a different person. When only there is no demand, his self-esteem collapses.

Continuing about selfish people, you may notice them in conversation. The egoist will only speak to himself. Unfortunately, many people confuse selfishness with self-love, as the kindest people are people who love themselves. And you cannot give anything to anyone if you do not love yourself. Because when you love yourself, you become kind, you have a desire to help others, you have a resource and energy appears. When you don't love yourself, you are such a vicious ferret who behaves like an egoist.

Self-esteem and Self-love are synonymous in a certain sense. High self-esteem means loves, and low self-esteem means dislikes. Please do not confuse these concepts.


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